Little Sister Danica’s only wish was for a new pair of flip-flops. She has been wearing the same pair since late August, when floodwaters from hurricane Harvey washed away every other pair of shoes that she, her two sisters and Mother owned. As flood waters quickly rose, they grabbed what few necessities they could before evacuating their home.

Danica did not complain about having to wear the same couple of outfits every day to school for the past few months. She didn’t even mention that her feet were cold as she happily skipped down our office hallway in her only pair of worn flip flops, the same pair she wore when she treaded through flood waters. But fall temperatures have arrived and she will need more than flip flops. Yet when asked what she wanted for Christmas, that was her only request.

Following hurricane Harvey, many of the Littles in our program have lost everything and their families are struggling to rebuild. For their parents/guardians, buying Christmas presents may not be an option this year. That’s where we need your help!

Contributions to the Gulf Coast Big Brothers Big Sisters Holiday Giving for Kids' Sake campaign provides children in our program with a beautifully wrapped Christmas present.  We are determined to give each one of our Littles something to smile about this holiday season, and a donation of just $20 will allow us to purchase a gift for a child.

For the 150+ Little Brothers/Sisters in our program, this time of year may simply go by unnoticed due to more demanding problems. By donating to Holiday Giving for Kids' Sake, you will be providing a present to a child who might not otherwise get one. More importantly, you will provide a moment of happiness to a child undergoing a stressful situation.

Together we will help make the holidays brighter, one child at a time.

For more information or to donate, please visit or call 409-763-4638. 

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