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No dental insurance? No problem. Texas residents now can get some of the perks of dental insurance without having to pay a penny toward monthly premiums.

Dentegra Smile Club, a new program launched statewide in Texas recently by Dentegra Insurance Company, is not insurance — instead, it connects members to discounts on dental services, pricing transparency and dentist reviews. Members have access to Dentegra’s 2,200 dentists in Texas, who agree to charge Smile Club members their contracted fees.

Dentegra Smile Club membership is available to Texas residents free of charge; there are no membership dues or fees for club membership. The club was made available statewide following a successful three-month pilot program in the Austin area.

“Dentegra Smile Club offers a great opportunity to those who don’t have dental insurance to reap discounts on dental services,” said Belinda Martinez, Dentegra’s senior VP of sales and marketing. “All you need to do is sign up online and then visit a Dentegra network dentist for your dental care — since you pay the dentist directly, there are no claims forms to worry about, either.”

The Dentegra dentist network – 24,500 strong across the nation and growing – will help Smile Club members obtain cleanings and a significant number of the most common dental care services for fees averaging as much as 50% off the normal cost.* Dentegra Smile Club is not insurance; club members simply visit a contracted Dentegra dentist and pay discounted fees for covered services.  There are no claim forms, no annual deductibles and no annual maximums.


About Dentegra

Headquartered in San Francisco, Dentegra Insurance Company is part of a holding company system with nearly 33 million dental plan subscribers. It offers individual dental benefits plans in Texas, California and Georgia and also on 38 state and federal health care exchanges. For more information, visit and follow Dentegra on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. For information about Dentegra Smile Club, including membership benefits, please visit




*Based on 2014 projected average savings for all procedures as compared to the 90th percentile as determined by FAIR Health for the Texas service region.