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Texans Can Academies, an open enrollment high school of choice, announces that Rudy Oeftering has been elected by their Board of Trustees as the new Board Chair. Texans Can Academies has 13 schools across the state that are located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, Houston and San Antonio. 

Oeftering has been active in public service for more than 20 years, during which he has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, Chair of Best Southwest Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce. He also served as the Chair of the Texans Association of Business, the most recognized pro-active business organization in Texans. Oeftering owns Oeftering Properties, a multi-tenant rental business. 

“Rudy’s wealth of business acumen and abundance of compassion and dedication to the success of our students makes him the ideal person to lead the Board of Trustees,” said Richard Marquez, CEO of Texans Can Academies. “I look forward to working with Rudy and the Board of Trustees to deliver the best educational opportunities available to our students.”

Each Texans Can Academy campus has a group of volunteers who serve as the campus' Development Council to assist with fundraising efforts. These community leaders lend their support and resources to help the high schools in their mission to provide the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting, in order to ensure their economic success. 

“Our job as members of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that we continue our critical mission of educating the students entrusted to our care,” said Oeftering. “More importantly, our job is to build on that success for the long term.  We must make sure that we are able to reach every student that can benefit from enrolling with Texans Can.”

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