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Texans Can Academies

Texans Can Academies students in Houston are given the opportunity to learn about the architecture, engineering and construction industries and different software used in these careers through a dual-credit course with Texas State Technical College while also receiving mentorship to guide them through these courses.

The dual-credit course allows Texans Can Academies students to earn high school and college credit. The first semester’s course is Basic Computer-Aided Drafting and focuses on AutoCAD software, a computer-aided design software for architects, engineers and construction professionals that creates 2D and 3D drawings. After students complete the semester-long course, they are eligible to test for an AutoCAD certification. The second semester’s course is Architectural Drafting - Residential and teaches students about Revit BIM (building information modeling) software, which is used to create intelligent 3D models of buildings for architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, designers and contractors. After completion of these courses, students are also eligible to take a certification course in Revit. 

The courses are offered to students at no cost to them and are covered by Texans Can Academies. The schools emphasize college ready and workforce ready skills so graduates can learn their passions and develop a successful plan after graduation. To help guide Texans Can Academies’ students in these courses, the AIA Houston Latinos in Architecture committee has partnered with Texans Can Academies in Houston to mentor students enrolled in the courses.

The AIA Houston Latinos in Architecture committee brings awareness of Latino culture through architecture, art, cuisine, music and language to inform the architectural community and provide a resource for professional development opportunities through mentoring, grant and scholarship programs, community outreach, and presentations. Mentors have partnered with Texans Can Academies to help guide students in the courses by answering technical questions about the course materials and assignments, sharing their knowledge about the software, and providing insights about careers within the architectural field and beyond. Students also have the opportunity to view the architectural plans that the mentors are working on in their careers. For the time being, the mentorship is taking place virtually. 

Texans Can Academies believes in providing the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting. The schools emphasize college ready and workforce ready skills so that their graduates have successful plans after their graduation. Their mission is to help students earn their high school diplomas and assist with all of their needs to further college or career paths after graduation.

Texans Can Academies is a unique network of 14 charter schools located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Texans Can Academies graduate thinkers and offer students, aged 14 to 21, a second chance at earning their high school diploma. The schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice. For more information, please visit