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A new children's book filled with dragons, giants, a wizard, and princesses, was just published, and it's written by McKinney author and longtime musician David Nos, with his musical partner Bob Agner. 

The book is Kordan The Wizard, and I promise it will entertain and teach your kids, about turning a bad situation upside down, about friendship, about tolerance and about love.

The book is geared toward kids in middle school, but just like Harry Potter, you'll get hooked too!

Your children will love the story, the fantastical characters, and something else: this is the first time I've seen QR codes in a book, so you can scan it with your phone and hear music created just for that part of the book. It's outstanding.

The songs are magical and stand on their own. I love the lyrics, the cool vibe, and that it's not "children's music" but just awesome music. I can't stress enough how much having instant access to original music elevates the experience of reading the book.

From the book:

"Kordan The Wizard is a fantastical and. courtly tale of dragons, wizards, giants, and the invisible yet all-powerful thread that connects generations of heroes and herons through the never-ending mystical force of love."

It's in your local store, but if it's sold out, they will purchase and ship you a new one in a few days. And it's online, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in Indie stores, which I love.

 I always tell my kids that reading will take them to other worlds, and now it's filled with songs too.