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To further assist and provide additional resources needed by their students, Texans Can Academy - Houston Hobby is open to students on Saturdays for additional tutoring, credit and attendance recovery. They also receive college and career readiness services from the schools’ advisors. Saturday school activities are held on the high school campuses from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with breakfast and lunch provided for the students.

At Saturday school, students are given the opportunity to receive tutoring for each End-Of-Course (EOC) tested subject. This is ideal for students who may have fallen behind in one or more classes and need extra assistance in a core subjects before testing begins. Two Dallas/Fort Worth Texans Can Academy campuses also currently offer Saturday school.

“We are excited that Saturday school has taken off at our Texans Can Academy campuses and our students seem to look forward to the one-on-one attention to help them master their class subjects,” said Dr. Jose Luis Torres, Texans Can Academies’ Executive Director of Student Services. “Every student has an opportunity to benefit from one or more of the services now available on Saturdays. And like all teenagers, they love having breakfast before class and lunch when they are done.”

Attendance and credit recovery classes are also available for students who have had to miss school and have more absences than accepted to pass their required classes. Students who need to make up time to meet attendance requirements may do so during Saturday classes. Some students have missed classes due to illnesses, transportation problems or have needed to begin work during school hours for financial reasons. Credit recovery is also offered to students already in the credit recovery program who need to catch up or get a head start on assignments.

College and career readiness services are provided, primarily to seniors, in order to help them with applications for college, applying for scholarships or jobs, developing resumes, career counseling and more.   

Students who can benefit from an additional day of school with close teacher interaction to catch up with their classes are encouraged to enroll at a Texans Can Academy campus.

The campuses currently offering Saturday classes are Texans Can Academy – Dallas Oak Cliff, Texans Can Academy - Fort Worth Westcreek and Texans Can Academy - Houston Hobby. Beginning in October, Texans Can Academy - Dallas Ross Avenue, Texans Can Academy - Garland, and Texans Can Academy - Austin will also be open on Saturdays for additional support for their enrolled students.  

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