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What’s the future of Houston real estate for 2022?

Houston Agent Magazine 12/5 11:00P Houston Agent
Trying to predict what will happen in the residential real estate market in 2022 is a bit like trying to forecast the weather months in advance, but while the future of home sales and development has become increasingly unforeseeable, real estate...

Houston new construction shortfall tops 64,000 homes

Houston Agent Magazine 12/5 10:45P Liz Hughes
There may be a construction boom, but builders still have a lot of ground to make up from a decade of underbuilding, according to a new report from Zillow . Builder efforts are hampered by continued supply chain disruptions and labor shortages....

Survey: Americans are ‘chasing the sun’ to Florida and Texas

Houston Agent Magazine 12/5 5:40P Lindsey Wells
A movement sparked by the pandemic is causing Americans to pack up and relocate. As it turns out, Florida and Houston are top-ranking destinations for many people. Thanks to the “Great Resignation,” the movement of people leaving the workforce...

Mobile homes appeal to young and middle-class buyers as home prices surge

Houston Agent Magazine 12/5 6:30A Lindsey Wells
With home prices continuing to reach new heights across the country, many potential homebuyers are seeing the mobile-home market in a brand new light as single-family home prices become less affordable for young and middle-class buyers. According...
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