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An auto insurance without driver’s license is possible, although this may look a little tricky. Actually when you buy a car you need a driver’s license to drive it home although the license is not mandatory. But in case of daily auto insurance the general trend is to apply for the same with a driving license. But does that mean you are not entitled to get a car insurance in the absence of a driving license? Well, it’s not so, and you can find insurance providers who would sell you car insurance without a driving license. These insurances are called unlicensed driving insurance, or car  insurance for unlicensed drivers.

Why get a car insurance without driver’s license

There are situations when you need to get a car insurance without driving license. You may be physically challenged, or you may be the secondary driver of the vehicle, or you may have a professional to always drive, or you may have a suspended license case, or possibly a court case running on your license and so on. Under such a scenario you will have to look for a car insurance provider who does not ask for license.

The following situations, which aren’t uncommon, would compel you to seek a no license car insurance:

  • You have a professional driver, and you are not the primary person to drive the car. Or you have another family member or anyone else to drive the car for you. You would still own the car, and hence the insurance will be on your name only as the car owner.
  • You were caught driving the uninsured car without a license which led you to a court case, and you were ordered to get a license. And now you need an insurance first to apply for the driving license. You will have to talk to the insurance provider about the situation to get though the deal.
  • If your license got suspended and your car needs insurance or renewal of insurance, then you won’t get one unless you tell the status to the insurance company by being transparent about the situation. And then you may get the insurance without a license.
  • It may happen that you need to improve your driving record, and that’s why you need to take out the car to the road for driving. And without insurance you can’t take out the car, and thus you will be looking for a company giving the cheapest car insurance with no license.

Get the car insurance with license of the primary driver

This is a smart alternative to look for when you have no driving license. You can get another license holder who will declare his license for your car insurance. This way the car will be insured under the driving and care of the license holder. Naturally for these reason the car’s insurance premium will be calculated based on the records of the license provider and not yours. You may therefore apply a few methods to get auto insurance without driver's license.


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