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The Hookup by Kristen Ashley

With hundreds of books hitting the shelves every month, it can be difficult to sift through new releases for the best finds. There are only so many hours in a day, and you want to spend your evenings curled up with a book that's worth your time. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you! Here are ten of the most popular novels that were published in December of 2017. 

Year One by Nora Roberts

Beloved author Nora Roberts returns with this epic bestseller and now is the perfect time to pick it up. The plot begins on New Year's Eve when a sickness suddenly sweeps the world. As society begins to fall apart and more than half of the human population drops dead, chaos reigns. Magic and witchcraft spring up to replace science and technology, and it becomes clear that no one is trustworthy when the world comes to an end.

"A fast-paced, mesmerizing, and thought-provoking novel that will no doubt add to Roberts' legions of fans." - Kirkus Reviews 

Roomies by Christina Lauren

When Holland Bakker is saved by a stranger from a dangerous subway attack, she pays him back by pulling some strings and getting him an audition with a huge musical director. Things work out in her savior's favor, and he ends up on Broadway. The only problem? He entered the country illegally. Holland marries the man, Calvin McLoughlin, to keep him in America, but how long can they pretend that they're just friends? 

“Lauren brings her characteristic charm to the story. Holland’s tale is more than an unrequited crush; it’s about self-expectations, problematic friendships, unconventional family, and the strange power of love.” - Booklist 

The Good Samaritan by John Marrs 

When people are on the brink of ending their lives, they call End of the Line in search of some last shred of hope. Unfortunately, one of the End of Line workers doesn't want to give them hope: she wants to destroy any remaining shred. She adores talking people off the edge. However, someone is on to her, and he'll do anything to find out the truth. Disturbing and unique, this is one you might want to read with the lights on. 

“One of the most exciting, original thriller writers out there. I never miss one of his books.” - Simon Kernick

The Hookup by Kristen Ashley 

Best-selling author Kristen Ashley has made her fans proud once again with her newest release. The story follows Izzy, the new girl in town who falls in with charming Johnny Gamble. The problem is, Johnny's heart is still on the mend from a previous relationship. Can the two of them work through their pasts to be together, or will old problems resurface to pull them apart? 

The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites, Translated by Alison Layland 

Told across two generations, this heartwrenching story comes from German author Mina Baites and is translated by Alison Layland. The Silver Music Box tells the tale of a Jewish family divided by World War II and how a simple music box brings them back together half a century later. 

Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills 

This novel for teens details a high school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and it's packed with lessons on friendship, first loves, and standing up for yourself. Claudia might not be the most popular girl in school, but she knows what she's willing to do for her friends and for herself. 

“With sporadic references to Jane Austen's famous characters and wickedly inventive language, Mills closely observes the social milieu of an American high school... A fresh, smart, inventive, and altogether impressive debut.” - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle  

The last thing Lily Michaels-Ryan expects is to fall for Abelard. After all, she was diagnosed with ADHD and he has Asperger's. They couldn't be any more different on the surface, but they soon discover that they share a love for ancient letters. As they start to fall for one another, they question if two people on such divergent paths can stand together. Hilarious and heartwarming, you'll enjoy every minute with these two struggling teenagers. 

"Readers will be moved by the sacrifices the teens make for each other, and the open-ended conclusion invites speculation while providing reassurance that the bonds formed between these characters won’t easily be broken." - Publishers Weekly

The Wake Up by Catherine Ryan Hyde 

Everything changes for rancher Aiden Delacorte when he can suddenly sense the emotions of all the living things around him. Suddenly, it's impossible for him to ignore the feelings of those close to him, and he's forced to face things he thought he buried long ago. A story of compassion and bravery, The Wake Up is pure magic. 

“Prolific novelist Hyde, author of Pay it Forward (1999) [and] Allie and Bea (2017), delivers another touching story of resilience and hope that feels cinematic in scope.” Booklist

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden 

The followup to The Bear and the Nightingale, this bestselling novel follows Vasya as she flees her home and pursues a life of freedom. She soon finds herself wrapped up in the politics of Moscow as it comes under siege, and she must decide if her freedom is worth the price she must pay. Don't worry, this sequel is just as full of magic and Russian lore as the first book, so you won't be disappointed. 

“Arden’s lush, lyrical writing cultivates an intoxicating, visceral atmosphere, and her marvelous sense of pacing carries the novel along at a propulsive clip. A masterfully told story of folklore, history, and magic with a spellbinding heroine at the heart of it all.” - Booklist, starred review

What Remains True by Janis Thomas 

When five-year-old Jonah is killed, his family falls into turmoil. Guilt, fury, sorrow, and grief envelop them until the family starts to lose their grip on one another. The story follows their descent into chaos and their struggle to cope with the unimaginable. Full of raw emotion and heartbreak, this is one novel you won't soon forget. 

"This is the kind of book you stay up late to finish—whatever your morning alarm clock setting may be. If you enjoy being dropped headlong into the middle of a family’s story, feeling the weight and hope of their emotional journey, then I suspect you will love this novel like I do." - Danielle Marshall, Editor 

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