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Roof Ventilation, Is It Important?

A hole in your roof is a bad thing, right? That is what you may think, but you need holes in your roofing system.

Let me explain:

I am not talking about gaping holes that allow bugs and rain to pour in, but I am referring to vents that are built into your attic so that your roof breathe, aka ventilation.

The reason you need roof ventilation is apparent for most people to understand. Allowing your attic to breathe allows trapped heat to escape your attic, preventing your attic from feeling like a blast furnace. Without correct ventilation, your home will be hotter and much harder to cool. The consequence of poor attic ventilation:

  • Energy bills will increase
  • Home will be less energy efficient
  • A/C unit will work hard (more repairs)
  • Roofing shingles will deteriorate faster

A roof is ventilated correctly when heat is allowed to escape the attic, and colder air can be pulled in. By installing vents and either the peak of the roof or at the height of the gables at the end of the structure, heat has a way to egress, at the highest point.

As the warmer air escapes the attic, it sucks or pulls colder air from the lower parts of the attic. The colder air flows into the attic through the soffits, a series of vents on the underside of the roof.

To remove moister, withstanding the harsh elements of nature and provide a long-term weather barrier, a roof must be able to breathe.
One of the most critical factors for cooling your home is proper roof ventilation. If your attic doesn’t have some measure of airflow, it will become hot and muggy. That warm and humid air can lead to condensation, which leads to mold. This mold and moister will not only rot your roof plywood, but it can also be damaging to your health.

The next time you need a roof replacement or repair, you could be in for a surprise if you learn that you have rotten rafters and plywood. Wood rot would lead to more costly repairs.

With Houston’s unusually warm and humid climate proper roof ventilation is vitally important. There is some option that can help boost your ventilation to help keep your attic cooler and drier, like adding some different vents and fans.

Proper roof ventilation will keep your home cooler, make your roof last longer, and save you money on your electric bills.

Call Tapia’s Roofing Company to make sure you have proper roof ventilation.

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