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10 Ways to Slow Aging

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/15 3:40A Health Fitness Revolution
The question is as old as time… is there a way to slow aging? The aging industry is a $760 billion dollar one, as we all chase the fountain of youth. But are there ways to slow aging? How much of it...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/14 12:44A Health Fitness Revolution
There’s an abundant amount of research that proves musical activity to be beneficial to both the human mind and body. No matter your age or skill level, playing a musical instrument is a great form of cognitive exercise. The health benefits range...

Top 10 Superfoods for Diabetics

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/13 2:02A Health Fitness Revolution
Diabetes is complex chronic condition in which the body struggles with producing appropriate levels of either glucose or insulin. If you are suffering from diabetes, or have been diagnosed with prediabetes, include these nutritious superfoods...

Dua Lipa Named One of the Top 10 Fittest Singers in the World

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/12 8:09A Health Fitness Revolution
Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic knows a thing or two (or thousand) about fitness. Previously named 4 x #1 Fitness Trainer in America, he has dedicated his life and career to helping others get healthier, fitter, and more motivated....

Top 10 Health Benefits of Oysters

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/11 1:53A Health Fitness Revolution
Love em or hate em, oysters are a staple of cuisines all over the world. Some people shudder at the thought of slurping down the slimy inside. Others can t get enough of the briny flavor. Whatever...

10 Coffee Hacks That Will Make Your Coffee Super Healthy

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/10 1:12A Health Fitness Revolution
Is coffee on your mind first thing in the morning? Us too. Many health experts say that coffee is actually very healthy for you. But, with all of the cream and added sugars, your morning cup of coffee may just be the weak link in your diet. Here...

HISD to Celebrate Nurses

Houston Style Magazine (Health) 5/9 8:23A Style Magazine Newswire
This week is National Nurses Week, and Wednesday, May 11, is National School Nurse Day. Every year, HISD acknowledges the impact the district’s school nurses have on the health and wellness of our students. School nurses have long been at the...

10 Benefits of Collagen for Your Skin

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/8 3:18A Health Fitness Revolution
Collagen is a protein that is found in our bodies and also found in our bones, skin, muscles, blood vessels, and digestive system. It plays a large role in making us look youthful and healthy. But as...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Stretching

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/7 3:00A Health Fitness Revolution
Stretching is very important for flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention. As many of us are social distancing at home, and partaking in some killer at-home workouts, we need to remember to stretch too! Make it a fun goal to get more...

Top 10 Benefits of Listening to Music

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/7 1:00A Health Fitness Revolution
My music isn’t just music — it’s medicine Guess who said this. If you guessed Kanye West (and who else would you guess?) then you are correct. But there is actually a lot of truth hidden in Kanye s...

Top 10 Benefits of Jumping Rope

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/6 2:55A Health Fitness Revolution
Kids jump rope during free time at school and boxers use it as a warm-up before every training session, so why not join them? A jump rope is not only popular and easy to use, but it also offers many...

Top 10 Healthy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/6 1:13A Health Fitness Revolution
We understand it can be stressful to come up with gift ideas, especially if they are for the woman who brought you into this world. No pressure, right? We are used to buying flowers and chocolates, but flowers die and chocolates aren’t good if...

10 Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

Health Fitness Revolution (Houston Fitness Blog) 5/5 7:47A Health Fitness Revolution
Did you know that Athlete’s foot, Tinea pedis, is a fungal infection? Individuals may come in contact with the fungus in damp public pool areas, public showers, or locker rooms. This infection is common in people whose feet have become very...
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